We are excited about these two up-and-coming herd sires! For EPD's on more of our herd sires, and our quality selection still for sale, please visit our Hereford and Angus Bulls tabs. 

GO E33 King G47 (P44025350)

CED:5.1 BW:2.0 WW:73 YW:131 CHB:126

GO Ashland 47G (19440551)

CED:12 BW:-.2 WW:79 YW:144 $B: 187

Contact Information 
10672 Van Tassell Road
Torrington, WY 82240


*Located 20 miles north of Torrington via Hwy 159/ Van Tassell Road*

Blake & Chrissy Ochsner:

307-532-3282 or 307-575-5519

B.W. & Terra Ochsner: 


Steve & Dixie Roth: 


Rustin & Britte Roth:


Rod & Debbie Ochsner: 307-575-2589