As we near breeding season in 2021, there are plenty of quality herd bulls still left to sort through! For EPD's & prices on our 2020 selection of yearling bulls, go to the Hereford and Angus Bulls tabs.

Thank you to all of our customers for your business during a trying 2020. We greatly appreciate your support and hope for a successful new year for all!

GO Ashland 47G (19440551)

CED:12 BW:-.3 WW:78 YW:140 $B: 180

GO E33 King G47 (P44025350)

CED:5.3 BW:2.3 WW:77 YW:134 CHB:120

GO Varsity H2 (P44170839)

CED:8.3 BW:0.4 WW:72 YW:115 $CHB: 139

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We are excited about these three up-and-coming herd sires! For EPD's on more of our herd sires, please visit our Hereford and Angus Bulls tabs.

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