Angus Herd Sires


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G A R Ashland

 Reg: AAA 18217198

Musgrave 316 Stunner 

Reg: AAA 18467508

GO Birthstone 34A

Reg: AAA 17587322 

Connealy Consensus 9399

 Reg: AAA 17888747

Connealy Power Surge 382C

Reg: AAA 18459868

GO Breaking News 102C

Reg: AAA 18217252

GO Payweight 112C

Reg: AAA 18218593

GO Advance 25C

Reg: AAA 18217245

GO Breaking News 100D

Reg: AAA 18537125

GO Excitement 91D

Reg: AAA 18536946

GO 112C Payweight 168E

Reg: AAA 19440458

KG Solution 0018

 Reg: AAA 16796888

Baldridge Breakthrough A091

 Reg: AAA 17822045

GO Opportunist 82B

Reg: AAA 17885372

Connealy Weigh Up 2647

Reg: AAA 18459724

Connealy Rampage 312C

 Reg: AAA 18839307

GO Payweight 104C

Reg: AAA 18218570

GO Payweight 209C

Reg: AAA 18216350

GO Excitement 97D

Reg: AAA 18536942 

GO Durabull 111D

Reg: AAA 18536951

GO 2Z Brilliance 155D

Reg: AAA 18537228

GO 34A Birthstone 242E

 Reg: AAA 18826067

Contact Information 
10672 Van Tassell Road
Torrington, WY 82240


*Located 20 miles north of Torrington via Hwy 159/ Van Tassell Road*

Blake & Chrissy Ochsner:

307-532-3282 or 307-575-5519

B.W. & Terra Ochsner: 


Steve & Dixie Roth: 


Rustin & Britte Roth:


Rod & Debbie Ochsner: 307-575-2589