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Angus Herd Sires

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Click on Sire's name for current EPD's and Pedigree Information

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Basin Safe Deposit 9324.jpg

Basin Safe Deposit 9324

Reg: AAA 19461028

S Architect 9501.jpg

S Architect 9501

Reg: AAA 19437622

BAR Dynamic.jpg

B A R Dynamic

Reg: AAA 19923789

Millars Duke 816.jpg

Millars Duke 816

Reg: AAA 19343216

Mead Magnitude.jpg

Mead Magnitude

 Reg: AAA 18543414

Baldridge Beast Mode B074.jpg

Baldridge Beast Mode B074

Reg: AAA 17960722 

KCF Bennett G94 Gary July 2022_edited.jpg

K C F Bennett Gary G94

Reg: AAA 19619027

65K 312C.JPG

Connealy Rampage 312C

 Reg: AAA 18839307

GO Durabull 111D Oct. 2020.jpg

Connealy Reformed 1342

Reg: AAA 19991471

GO Durabull 111D

Reg: AAA 18536951

GO Hickok 141E Oct_edited.jpg

GO Hickok 141E

Reg: AAA 18827986

GO 168E Sept. 2020.JPG

GO 112C Payweight 168E

Reg: AAA 19440458

74F August 2021 side_edited.jpg

GO Break Through 74F

Reg: AAA 19132108

47G July 2020_edited.jpg

GO Ashland 47G

Reg: AAA 19440551

GO 111D Durabull73G October 2021.jpg

GO 111D Durabull 73G

Reg: AAA 19440400

backup pic GO Stunner 78G 2021.jpg

GO Stunner 78G

Reg: AAA 19440615

Go Ashland Rubio 1H

Reg: AAA 19742798

Go Ashland 2H

Reg: AAA 19742790

GO Brickyard 118H May 2023.jpg

Go Brickyard 118H

Reg: AAA 19742904

GO Boulder 132H

Reg: AAA 19742814 

K C F Bennett Thunder H340

Reg: AAA 20020300 

Go Commodore 3J

Reg: AAA 20056943

Go Commodore 36J

Reg: AAA 20056974

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