Outstanding Embryo Females


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GO MS Gold Rush 15Z

Reg: AAA 17327155

This cow can be described in two words: maternal power. Here's a broody made, structurally correct cow who has plenty of muscle, yet still balances up beautifully. She's already produced two herd sires for us that we currently use (GO Birthstone 36B & GO Durabull 111D), and her ET calf crops has given us some tremendous calves. No doubt she will do big things for us in the future, as she has already done so in the past!

GO MS Sensation B3


When you combine rib shape, udder quality, skeletal integrity, and an outstanding look from the side, cows like her are what you get. Since she was a heifer calf we knew she was special, and GO MS Sensation B3 has not disappointed. Her first son, GO King E33, has turned out to be an excellent herd sire that has big potential in the Hereford world. She's the type of female that a cow herd can be built around, and through ET technology, we hope to make her a big name in the industry.

GO MS 7195 Advance X54

Reg: 43105934

"Rosie" was a 2012 Reserve Division Champion at the NWSS, and was eventually a high seller in a Hoffman Ranch disbursement sale as a cow. She was a very feminine, sound, balanced heifer in her younger years, and as you can see she stayed the same as an older cow! We strive to make females in our herd like her, as functionality and maternal strengths are a priority to us!

GO MS 7195 Advance W39

Reg: 42988658

"Lizzie" was a 2011 Junior Yearling Division Champion at the NWSS. She was as complete of a female as you could find, and she retained her refinement and skeletal quality into her productive years as a cow. Over the years we have worked to moderate frame size in our cows in order for them to put more energy toward raising their calves. Needless to say she fit the bill perfectly!


Notable Herd Females

GO MS C64 Razzy E8

Reg: P43795894

GO MS HT Terra E70

Reg: 43798802

GO MS Birthstone 5E

Reg: AAA 18825959

110E July 2020.jpg

GO MS 9A Birthstone 110E

Reg: AAA 18825972

GO MS Hickok 190E

Reg: AAA 18828005

GO MS 34A Birthstone 196E

Reg: AAA 18826022

GO MS Frontman 50Z

Reg: AAA 17328449

GO MS 34A Birthstone 265D

Reg: AAA 18537278