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Commercial Bred Heifers

Along with our registered herd, we also offer a large selection of commercial bred heifers every November through Torrington Livestock Markets. The heifers we market are either solid black Angus or F1 black baldies with qualities we look for within our cow base: docility, structural correctness, and a maternal phenotype. The bred heifers are all ultrasounded for accurate pregnancy due dates. Whether the heifers are AI bred or bull bred, we breed them to produce low birhtweight calves with performance and carcass merit.

Breeding info

2023 AI Sire

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Mead Magnitude.jpg

Mead Magnitude

 Reg: AAA 18543414

2023 Bred Heifers for Sale

AI bred Heifers

(Due February 8, 2024)

Black Angus: 283 hd.

Black Baldies: 177 hd.

February Bull Bred Heifers

(Due February 6-28, 2024)

Black Angus: 106 hd.

Black Baldies: 35 hd.

March Bull Bred Heifers

(Due March 1-31, 2024)

Black Angus: 47 hd.

Black Baldies: 16 hd.

Sale information

2023 Sale Dates

All bred heifers will be sold through Torrington Livestock Markets. Sale dates are as follows:
November 13, 2023: All A.I. Blacks
November 20, 2023: A.I. Black Baldies and all bull breds

Our Philosophy


In order to offer high quality females to our customers, we only purchase replacement quality weaned calves each fall and winter. We buy a large percentage of these calves from herds that utilize our own bulls or our previously marketed bred heifers. Additionally, calves we purchase must be pre-conditioned with a complete vaccination program in order to ensure health and performance. Throughout the winter and spring, these heifer calves are fed a high forage diet to aid in consistent growth and maintaining hoof quality.

Prior to starting the synchronization process, roughly 25-30% of our heifers are culled out of the breeding program if they do not meet our quality, docility, or structure standards. This helps us to make sure that customers are purchasing high quality, problem free heifers that will be valuable additions to their cow herds. Simply put, if at any time during the breeding process a heifer gives us a reason to cull her, she will be culled. 

Following synchronization and being AI'ed, the heifers are exposed to home raised Black Angus bulls with excellent calving ease. After the heifers are ultrasounded they are taken to summer pastures directly north of Torrington. Finally, the heifers are preg-checked again prior to being sold and sorted based on frame size and quality before entering the sale barn.

For more information or videos of our bred heifers, please give us a call!


Video taken Nov. 2nd, 2021


Heifer purchased by Luke Hoeme in Kansas 


Heifer purchased by Jason Zerr in Kansas 

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