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Hereford Herd Sires

Interactive Features: Click on a bull's photo to enlarge it. Click the bull's name for more detailed information on their genetic and phenotypic merit. Click on registration numbers to see their pedigree and EPD information.

Newly Acquired Herd Sires

Stellpflug Mastermind 3521ET.JPG

*Semen Available*

$25/straw & $50/certificate

Perks 5101 Final Result 3063ET.jpg

*Semen Available*

$25/straw & $50/certificate

Currently Used Herd Sires

MCM 6964 Varsity 801F Oct_edited.png

*Semen Available*

$25/straw & $50/certificate. We will give volume discounts!

7HH59_Masterpiece_Full (1).jpg
GO King E33.jpeg

*Semen Available*

Contact us, Bill Goehring (641)-919-9365, or Cody Lowderman (309)-313-2171 

Perfecto 84F.jpg

*Semen Available*

Contact Select Sires for pricing!

D89 July 21 2018.JPG

GO Fast Forward D89

Reg: P43687403

GO Final Test G18 October2021_edited.png

GO Final Test G18

Reg: P44019743

GO King G153 sept 2023.jpg

GO King G153

Reg: P44025654

GO Varsity H15.jpg

GO Varsity H15

Reg: P44156521

F 33Z Victor 117 Sept 2023_edited.png

F 33Z Victor 117

Reg: P44219543

GO Varsity J26 sept 2023.jpg

GO Varsity J26

Reg: P44251818

KCF Bennett 504C J194 (October 2023).jpg

KCF Bennett 504C J194

Reg: P44267574

GO E33 King J52_edited.png

GO E33 King J52

Reg: P44251884

GO E33 King J73 sept 2023_edited.jpg

GO E33 King J73

Reg: P44254799

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