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Hereford Herd Sires

Click on sire's name for current EPD's and pedigree information.

Newly Acquired Herd Sires

Stellpflug Mastermind 3521ET.JPG

*Semen Available*

$25/straw & $50/certificate

Perks 5101 Final Result 3063ET.jpg

*Semen Available*

$25/straw & $50/certificate

Currently Used Herd Sires

MCM 6964 Varsity 801F Oct_edited.png

MCM 6964 Varsity 801F

Reg: P43932440

*Semen Available*

Contact us for pricing, will give volume discount!

7HH59_Masterpiece_Full (1).jpg
GO King E33.jpeg

GO King E33

Reg: P43796790

*Semen Available*

Contact us, Bill Goehring (641)-919-9365, or Cody Lowderman (309)-313-2171 

Perfecto 84F.jpg

*Semen Available*

Contact Select Sires for pricing!

D89 July 21 2018.JPG

GO Fast Forward D89

Reg: P43687403

GO Final Test G18 October2021_edited.png

GO Final Test G18

Reg: P44019743

GO King G153 sept 2023.jpg

GO King G153

Reg: P44025654

GO Varsity H15.jpg

GO Varsity H15

Reg: P44156521

F 33Z Victor 117 Sept 2023_edited.png

F 33Z Victor 117

Reg: P44219543

GO Varsity J26 sept 2023.jpg

GO Varsity J26

Reg: P44251818

KCF Bennett 504C J194 (October 2023).jpg

KCF Bennett 504C J194

Reg: P44267574

GO E33 King J52_edited.png

GO E33 King J52

Reg: P44251884

GO E33 King J73 sept 2023_edited.jpg

GO E33 King J73

Reg: P44254799

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